Are Garden Rooms Easy to Install?

Having a garden room installed is an appealing idea if you want to add a space to your home where you can benefit from your garden all year round. As with any significant home upgrade, however, the thought of all the upheaval, noise and other inconvenience while the work is completed might put you off, not to mention the fear of how complicated it will be. Thankfully, the whole process of installing a new garden room is smooth, painless, and you could be enjoying the new addition in next to no time, whether you choose to do it yourself or call someone in to help.

garden room 2

Modular Design
Garden rooms are pre-made in a modular design, which makes installation as quick and easy as possible. Typically, you can expect to receive clear and easy-to-follow instructions and even a DVD to help guide you, and despite sounding like a huge and difficult project, you might be surprised at how straightforward it is. They are made with maximum ease of installation in mind, so you can get on with enjoying the feeling of accomplishment as you relax in your newly-built garden room. If you’re worried that you’ll run into problems after getting started, don’t forget that you can always contact the manufacturer for help and advice, as they won’t want to leave you stranded.

Professional Installers
If you don’t want to go down the route of putting together your garden room yourself, there are fully trained garden room installers on hand to do the work for you. Because they are made so that customers can assemble them on their own, you can be sure that the professionals will get the job done in no time, so you don’t need to worry about a lot of inconvenience and intrusion while construction is carried out. Remember, as well, that even if you intended to install the garden room yourself, professionals can still help you or complete the job for you if you get stuck and can’t finish it yourself for any reason. This takes some of the pressure off and lets you concentrate on planning what you’ll use the room for when it’s finished.

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Finished in No Time
You may assume that a project like this would take quite some time to complete – perhaps a week or more. In fact, surprisingly, installing a modular garden room can be done in as little as just two days. That’s two days, even if you choose to go ahead with the construction by yourself. The straightforward design and clear instructions mean that the assembly can go ahead as smoothly as possible. As long as you’ve planned properly before you get started, two days is an incredibly short time to go from empty space to fully-constructed garden room.

Do They Need a Lot of Maintenance?
Once your new garden room is completed, there’s very little left to do except relax in this exciting new addition to your home. Apart from keeping it clean, garden rooms need no other maintenance, leaving you free to enjoy the room in peace.