Enhance your Home with Grey Decking

The design of gardens has come along leaps and bounds over the recent years, with many people spending just as much time on renovating their garden as they do their homes. There are a lot of adornments that you can add to your garden to make it look nice, but perhaps one of the most practical is decking. As trends have turned, the traditional wooden style of decking has been overtaken by the more modern form of grey decking. Decking does not even have to be a large project, as most DIY stores now do grey decking that can be put in place fairly easily. So what are the benefits of adding grey decking to your garden?
Grey decking adds more space
It may seem counter productive, as you are adding decking over something existing, but outdoor decking really does add a lot more usable and tangible space to your garden. This is especially true if you have grey decking added to your garden just outside of your back door or patio doors. If decking is used in this way, it can become a natural extension of the indoor space, and can make the inside seem bigger. Grey decking is actually the optimum colour for adding to the feeling of there being lots of space.
Grey is more resistant to wear and tear
Anyone who has already forayed into putting decking in their garden will known that wooden coloured decking, although pretty at times, can wear pretty quickly in adverse weather conditions. Even the best coating in the world cannot stop the wood looking tatty after a few weeks of rainfall. Grey decking has the ability to withstand a lot of wear and tear and dirt. Another reason grey decking is better than wooden coloured decking is that it shows up a lot less dirt. If you really are going to use your decking as as outdoor living space, you will not doubt cook and eat and do other things on it. Grey has the ability to look a lot cleaner when spills and mess happen.

Grey decking is easier than patio
If you are looking for a grey effect in your garden, chances are your first thought was a stone patio. But not only are these incredibly hard to lay, but they are also expensive. As well has having to actually pay out for the paving slabs themselves, you also have to pay for all of the extras and potentially someone to lay it, as patio is not easy for the inexperienced individual. There is lots of grey decking you can buy that is incredibly easy to construct yourself in your garden. Even if you have never laid decking before, or done any sort of DIY, it is easy to fit together and usually comes as a set packages so you do not have to resize anything yourself. Fitting decking in general is easier than laying a patio because there is a lot less groundwork to do before you start your project. Laying a patio incorporates quite a lot of physical labour, but for fitting decking this is not so. Although there is still a certain amount of preparation to do, this is in no way as in depth as it is when you are laying a patio. Not only will you have to do a significant amount of digging with a patio, but you will also have to manually mix cement. With decking, you do not need to do any of this and most decking can be fitted over one weekend when you have time.


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