April 25, 2016

Garden Rooms & Verandas

A garden room or veranda is a great, cheaper alternative to a conservatory.

garden room 2

Garden rooms or sun rooms have often been dubbed “the new conservatories.” Unlike traditional conservatories, garden rooms represent an actual extension of the property, while still holding all of the advantages of its older cousin, such as natural light and space. If you are unfamiliar with a garden room, it is a room in the house that provides direct access to the garden. It is characterised by large windows and sliding doors. So why should you consider adding a garden room rather than a conservatory? Here are a few reasons that are worth thinking about.

A garden room is a more solid structure
Conservatories can add value, but they are more like a bolt-on than a solid structure. Garden rooms are more organic, being made of the same materials as the house. This way there is consistency in the overall character of the property, not to mention an increase in property value.

Garden rooms are much cooler
If you’ve ever had the experience of being too hot in a conservatory (even with the doors open) you will appreciate the fact that a garden room will not get as hot. A partially glazed garden room roof provides the perfect balance of natural light and heat (without making you sweat). In the winter it will also be warmer because it doesn’t lose as much heat. This could translate into savings on your heating bill.

Low maintenance
Unlike conservatories, garden rooms don’t require as much maintenance. They do not have to be cleaned constantly and when garden houses suffer wear and tear, it looks more natural as it looks the same as the rest of the house.

Versatile in use
A garden room is much more versatile in its uses. You can use it for entertaining guests or as a private getaway room. It can also be a small summerhouse. A garden room has much more to offer than a conservatory if you are seeking leisure. It gives you the opportunity to be with nature while not being affected by the elements.

They are eco-friendly
If your garden room is made from the appropriate materials (such as timber) then it is good for the environment. Garden rooms are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to sacrifice your conscience for value and comfort.

Easy access to your garden
Let’s not forget the reason you have gardens in the first place. A garden room gives you greater access to your garden, enabling better maintenance and improved output as a result. If you are really passionate about gardening then it makes sense for you to build a structure where you can always be close to it.

Garden rooms come in a variety of styles
Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular so they come in a variety of styles so you have more choices.

Planning for your garden room
Garden rooms usually don’t require building permission, but regulations vary from city to city so you should always check before planning construction. It’s better to be on the safe side rather than see your hard earned cash go to waste.