What Makes Composite Decking so Low-Maintenance?

Picking the material for your deck can be a cumbersome endeavor with the numerous options available today. When a homeowner is deciding the decking material to go with, a lot of questions will come up. You must know what the deck will be for, how long you intend to stay in that home and if you will be responsible for the maintenance. One of the most popular choices nowadays is composite decking, and that is due to its low maintenance. Composite material is called manmade because it is a combination of different elements like vinyl, wood, and recycled materials. With composite decking, you get the beauty of wood and the low maintenance of plastic.

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One reason composite decking does not require a lot of maintenance is because it is extremely weather-resistant. When thinking about putting a deck outside the home, you have to consider where it’s going to be. The exposure to the elements impacts the durability of a deck. With composite decking, there is no need to worry whether it’s in a shaded or open area. Through the rain and the sun, a composite deck will remain in good condition, and you don’t have to do a lot. You don’t have to use a lot of money preparing the deck for a rainy season or shading it when summer comes around. It is also possible to get a composite deck with UV protection if there is going to be too much sunlight exposure.

No Staining or Sealing

Staining is a problem that most homeowners agonise over, especially with wood decking. A stained deck loses its aesthetic appeal, and it becomes necessary to seal and stain it every few years. Composite materials don’t have the same problem. A homeowner can use a composite deck for years without having to stain it, consequently saving money on the maintenance. Composite decks also maintain uniform colours for a long time, making them perfect for outdoor living spaces. You don’t have to deal with a fading deck after only a short period.

Simple Cleaning

The ease of cleaning a composite deck is another reason for its low maintenance. If your deck is in an outside space where there is a lot of walking through, then cleaning becomes necessary. A garden deck will also require constant cleaning because of all the dirt from the plants. With composite materials, you don’t have to use special products or equipment to clean it. Standard household cleaners will do the job quite well. You don’t have to hire professional cleaning services to take care of your deck. It is essential to note that mildew and stains should not be left on a composite deck for a long time.

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No Splinters

Composite is resistant to splintering and warping. Some deck materials splinter after continued use and warp from sun exposure. When decking can last years without splintering or warping, it gives you more value for money. There is no need to replace it after a few years of use. Decking that does not splinter easily makes it safe to walk bare feet. It negates the need to use surface protection, even with young children.

No Rotting

Another problem that homeowners might worry about is rot, which composite decking is not susceptible to. Some materials need infusion with pesticides to prevent them from eating away at the deck material. Pests are not a problem that a composite deck would have; saving you money on pesticides and deck replacements. Use of pesticides can be harmful to children and pets, making a composite deck a more safe option.

The fact that composite decks are made of recycled material makes them more eco-friendly. With the recycled materials used, a homeowner does not have to fret about the environmental implications of their deck. The low maintenance nature of composite decking allows a homeowner to save money in the long-run.